Cybercrime and shipping: the facts

Concerns shipping still dragging its feet on cyber risk.

Cybercrime and shipping: the facts

Does the industry have the tools to combat this rising scourge? Peter Armstrong, executive director – cyber, for the Willis Group, writes exclusively for Splash.

How serious a threat to shipping is cybercrime? The aviation sector’s exposure to the global cyber threat was laid bare by the recent acts of a ‘white-hat’ hacker, who apparently infiltrated a commercial aircraft’s flight-management systems while it was in flight. So, the question for the maritime sector is: do we honestly believe we are better prepared, or that the security challenge is any less pronounced than with the aviation sector?

Both sectors share extraordinary similarities: they are highly integrated value chains; they contribute massively to global wealth creation; and they rely upon broad-based technological integration with very high-value assets. Moreover, every link of these value chains is dependent upon the third-party resilience of all members to ensure the security of the whole.

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