Tag: Private Security

  • Job loss claim following armoury closure

    Claims made by former Avant Garde manager. ‘Around 5,000 jobless due to Avant Garde closure’ Rasika Somarathna A senior former official of the Avant Garde Maritime Security Services yesterday said […]

  • PVI Weekly Piracy Report

    PVI round up the week’s maritime crime news and incidents. Weekly Maritime & Onshore Security Report 11 Nov 2015 Maritime Security High Risk Area (HRA) Somalia: Pirates to plead guilty […]

  • Floating armoury: minister resigns

    First major casualty in ongoing case. Lankan Law and Order Minister Resigns Over Floating Armory Case By P.K.Balachandran COLOMBO: The Sri Lankan Law and Order Minister, Tilak Marapana, resigned on […]

  • Maltese firm denies armoury plans

    Suggestions armoury would be useful for PMSCs operating in region. Maltese firm denies private armoury in Maldives by Philip Leone-Ganado A Maltese company is reportedly in negotiations to set up […]

  • UK can’t assist jailed guards

    Pirate hunter Nick, from Ashington, is one of six ex-soldiers facing illegal weapons charges and is to stand trial this week Nick Dunn trial: Foreign Office unable to interfere with […]

  • Nigerian Navy to Partner Private Investors

    Possible thaw in relations between public and private sector. Nigerian Navy to Partner Private Investors on Security John Iwori The Nigerian Navy (NN) has reiterated its commitment to join forces […]

  • Collective Effort Keeps Piracy Suppressed

    All the pirates need is one successful hijack. Collective Effort by Maritime Industry and Naval Forces Keep Pirate Attacks Suppressed: EU Naval Force Operation Commander, Major General Martin Smith MBE […]

  • New Nigerian policy on PMSCs?

    Will Nigeria relax its current rules on PMSC use? Navy chief seeks new policy on private maritime security By Eugene Agha The Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS) Vice Admiral […]

  • Pirates Adapt To Failure

    Somali piracy suffers while West African and Southeast Asian piracy rises. Sea Transportation: The Pirates Adapt To Failure And New Opportunities Financial problems have led the Somali pirate groups to […]

  • Call for SE Asia PMSCs

    Territorial nature of waters causes legal issues. MIMA: Hire private security to prevent pirate attacks Bernard Cheah KUALA LUMPUR: The Maritime Institute of Malaysia has called on shipping companies to […]