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Fighting al Shabaab

Militants take Somali port

al Shabaab take over former pirate town. Somali militants seize small port in Puntland region By Abdiqani Hassan Somali al Shabaab fighters have seized a small port in the semi-autonomous Puntland region, the ...
Weapons seized by HMAS Darwin from a small-arms smuggler boarded approximately 170 nautical miles off the coast of Oman. *** Local Caption *** HMAS Darwin  is conducting Maritime Security Operations under the authority of Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf during her deployment in the Middle East Region.
HMAS Darwin is deployed on Operation MANITOU, Australia's contribution to the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF). 

CMF undertakes patrols to combat piracy and to intercept the trafficking of drugs and weapons that help fund international terrorism. CMF also encourages regional cooperation to create a safer maritime environment.

HMAS Darwin is on her 7th deployment to the Middle East Region and is the 62nd rotation of a RAN vessel in the region since the first Gulf War in 1991.

Puntland raises security

Recent seizure by CMF prompts security hike. Somalia: Puntland to boost surveillance after weapons haul off Oman GAROWE, Somalia-Puntland government in northern Somalia has issued new orders in a bid to boost surveillance ...
Luna, courtesy of Greenpeace.org

Pirates and Illegal fishing

Concerns that foreign fleets are destroying fish stocks. The link between illegal fishing and piracy in Somalia By Zeina_Awad When Siad Barre’s government collapsed in 1991 Somalia was plunged into violence and left ...
Luna, courtesy of Greenpeace.org

Somalia threatened by illegal fishermen

Flotillas from Yemen, Iran and South Korea are breaching international maritime law and plundering the country’s rich fishing grounds. Somalia threatened by illegal fishermen after west chases away pirates Catrina Stewart in ...

Puntland abducts four Iranian fishing vessels

Accusations made in Somaliland media. Puntland abducts four Iranian fishing vessels in Las Qoray LAS QORAY– Puntland Marine forces have launched a surprise raid  today in Las Qoray and abducted four Iranian ...

The Somali project – documentary

MV Royal Grace one of the last two successful merchant hijacks by pirate leader, Isse Yuluh. Exclusive Trailer For ‘The Somali Project’ Depicts the Battle Against Hijackers Written by Jordan Raup After narrative ...

Puntland can secure maritime

Puntland Maritime Police Force has excellent pedigree against piracy. Somalia: Puntland capable of securing maritime routes alone-Official Puntland Anti-Piracy Agency Director Abdirizak Mohamed Ahmed (Ducaysane) on Thursday said, Puntland will be capable ...
Gulf of Aden, Atalante-EU Patrols Make Gains Against Pirates

Somalia warns of return to piracy

Piracy dormant, Somalis say. Somalia warns of return to piracy Andrew Harding In northern Somalia, government officials are warning of a revival of piracy, unless foreign nations - and the naval armada patrolling ...

Yemen fishing vessel sinks off Somalia

Vessel fishing illegally in Puntland waters. Yemen fishing vessel sinks off Somalia Coast A Yemen-owned fishing vessel has sank off the coast of Somalia’s Puntland autonomy state, with efforts to rescue crew ...
illegal fishing

Private Company to patrol Puntland waters

Clamp down on IUU fishing. Private Company granted license to patrol Puntland waters Puntland Government in northern Somalia granted private company, Somali Security Service (SSS) a license to patrol territorial waters against ...

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