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  • Pirates release dhow

    Pirates release hijacked dhow On March 24th, UKMTO reported that pirates had hijacked a Somali fishing vessel, Casayr II No.30, off Eyl, Puntland, with the intent to use it as […]

  • Pirates release tanker

    Vessel released after negotiations with owner, local elders. Somalia ship hijack: Pirates release vessel without ransom Somali pirates who hijacked an oil tanker have released it without condition, according to […]

  • Piracy threatens to return

    Aris 13 is currently off the Puntland coast. Somalia ship hijack: Maritime piracy threatens to return By Frank Gardner, BBC security correspondent The hijacking of a merchant fuel tanker by […]

  • Pirates, PMPF exchange fire

    Somali force and pirates aboard hijacked vessel exchange fire Somali maritime forces have exchanged gunfire with the hijackers of an oil tanker in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland, the head […]

  • Pirates demand ransom

    Somali pirates return to old school ransom model. EU Naval Force Confirms Fuel Tanker Has Been Pirated off North Coast of Somalia The EU Naval Force, which is currently operating […]

  • Somali pirates hijack tanker

    Comoros-flagged Aris 13 hijacked off Puntland. Somali pirates suspected of first ship hijacking since 2012 An oil tanker has been hijacked by suspected pirates off the coast of Somalia, reports […]

  • Illegal fishing prompts concerns

    Illegal fishing was cited by many Somalis as the initial cause of piracy. Somalia: Dozen foreign trawlers arrive Bosaso Port amid concerns of marine exploitation BOSASO, Puntland- Foreign fishing trawlers […]

  • Militants take Somali port

    al Shabaab take over former pirate town. Somali militants seize small port in Puntland region By Abdiqani Hassan Somali al Shabaab fighters have seized a small port in the semi-autonomous […]

  • Puntland raises security

    Recent seizure by CMF prompts security hike. Somalia: Puntland to boost surveillance after weapons haul off Oman GAROWE, Somalia-Puntland government in northernĀ Somalia has issued new orders in a bid to […]

  • Pirates and Illegal fishing

    Concerns that foreign fleets are destroying fish stocks. The link between illegal fishing and piracy in Somalia By Zeina_Awad When Siad Barreā€™s government collapsed in 1991 Somalia was plunged into […]