Shipowners blast anti-piracy effort

Shipowners blast anti-piracy effort

January 10, 2011

From Views and News from Norway

Norwegian shipowners don’t think their government is doing nearly enough to fend off piracy attacks at sea. The wave of modern-day piracy in the Indian Ocean, for example, is costing millions and putting crews in constant danger.

At present, complains the head of the Norwegian Shipowners Association (NSA)……..[read the full article]

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2 Replies to “Shipowners blast anti-piracy effort”

  1. Gerald B. Hagerty

    This “horrific” problem is affecting every facet of our global community. The resulting effects piracy has on trade is reflected in the price of everything from food to fuel.

    I personally do not understand why there has not been a global summit that has resulted in a comprehensive plan to stop this plague.

    I feel for the companies and the families that have become victims of this un-named war.

    What can we as an industry (security) do to help? Is there a political group or politicians we should petition?

    Just wanting to help, I am open and anxious to suggestions.

    Gerald B. Hagerty CPO
    AmeriGuard Protective Services

  2. Ben dyer

    In a situation like this when security is involved shipping companys operateing in dangerous waters need a close protection scheme on board there ships.I think that a fight back plan needs putting forward .Now imagine your on board a ship in somalia or aiden you get attacked pirates take the ship.the security forces arrive negociations are made crew released 9 times out of ten.The pirates are paid a ransom deal off they go to rob the next ship.Right imagine a ship with a ten man close protection team on board paid by the company and issued with cs gas and rubber bullitts let me split them up in to teams youve got you deck monitering team patroling looking out for any boats that approach the ship.Lower deck youve got a fire team on immediate action alert ready for when the pirates enter the ship.also your upper deck team as a radio contact down to the fire team .the fire team needs to be aware of all enter and exit points of the ship.wheres easy for them to enter and wheres easy to exit and keep them areas gurded . Next stratergy onece the contact has been made a team to fire a barage of cs gas to repel them and then a barage of rubber bullitts into the to take them down backed by small arms fire should anything go wrong.Should the cs gas and rubber bullitts repel them then an arrest team can move in and grab them ready for when the security forces get to the ship as the navies cant be in two places at once.I meen they could deploy a helicopter gunship to the ship and they are fast but youve still got to wait for them to get there specially if they 100 milles away and there your closest protection. To close i think close protection on board will give you that bit more fighting chance .Paying ten wages has got to be better than paying a ransom or loosing a ship to thease people.

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