Staying The Course

The Turkish Parliament has approved an extention for the Turkish Naval ships to partake in anti-piracy missions in Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea, for an additional 12 months.

The motion extends for one more year Turkish Navy’s mandate to partake in internataional anti-piracy missions which was due to expire in February.

Speaking before the vote, Turkish Defense Minister Vecdi Gönül told lawmakers that 380 Turkish Cargo Ships passed from the Gulf of Aden each year, noting that Turkish frigates provided escort to Turkish vessels and secured safe passage against threat of piracy.

Gönül said 10 Turkish frigates served in the region so far, fending off two pirate boats and capturing 94 pirates in 15 operations. Gönül said 5 Turkish flagged ships hijacked by Somalia pirates were all rescued, noting that no Turkish flagged ships were hijacked since 2004 thanks to the measures taken.

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