Carry On Commandos

The South Korean navy’s dramatic commando raid against Somali pirates is set to be retold as an action film, according to a Seoul movie producer.

The Navy commandos rescued the Samho Jewelry and its 21 crew — including eight South Koreans — in a dramatic pre-dawn raid. Five pirates were killed in the January 21 operation. The South Korean captain was wounded but none of the other crew members was injured.

The upcoming movie will resemble “Saving Private Ryan”, a Hollywood epic about a group of World War II US soldiers going behind enemy lines to rescue a paratrooper, said a spokesman for production house Christmas Entertainment.

“This is such dramatic, perfect material for a movie,” said the spokesman, adding production will cost about 20 billion won ($18 million).

He said the story will largely centre on members of the UDT/SEAL units who staged the rescue.

The film, whose working title is “Dawn in the Gulf of Aden”, will start shooting in September for scheduled release in February 2012.

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