Armed Guards, PVs and Training

The use of armed guards, insurer-funded patrol vessels and the level of training crew members receive before transit…

Are you aware of what the industry thinks as a whole?

As part of Marseq’s mission to provide knowledge and understanding within the maritime community, we’ve launched a survey that will reveal what the industry really thinks about the most pressing maritime security challenges currently facing the industry. I would like to invite you to take part in this survey, doing the survey won’t take more than 4 minutes of your time, and can be found at:

We’ll be sharing the results with everyone who takes part!


Combating Piracy Europe 2011

Latest Critical Industry Advice To Protect Assets & Significantly Reduce Attacks On Ships

Hamburg, 6-7 April 2011

With attacks being reported further from shore than ever before, and methods of attack becoming increasingly aggressive, it’s no longer just about keeping up-to-date with the latest protective measures. It’s time to find new ways to combat this threat and come up with a radical solution to this problem.

The 7th Official Combating Piracy Update will not only be packed with updated approaches and recent new insights, but will focus on driving forward a long-term solution to piracy. Undoubtedly this will be difficult. The situation has changed in the Gulf of Aden and a whole new type of piracy is emerging in Nigeria, so you’ll have to improve your game plan if you’re to avoid being hijacked.

What is clear is that all subjects and stakeholders are inextricably linked in trying to find an ultimate solution to piracy.

Designed for senior level industry representatives you’ll learn all you need know to maximise crew capability, implement effective hijack management techniques and apply the latest protective measures. With illuminating Q&A sessions, this is the forum to thrash out new ideas and potential solutions to this ongoing crisis.

Details of the forthcoming event can be found here: Combating Piracy Europe 2011


For further information regarding the survey or Combating Piracy Europe 2011 contact Roubaix Lerner, Marketing Manager at Hanson Wade.


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