Breathtaking Capabilities

The British warship HMS Bulwark took a break from her busy training schedule to visit London this week.

HMS Bulwark, the UK’s largest and most technologically advanced amphibious assault and command and control ship, is moored at Greenwich for 5 days.  .

Whilst in London HMS Bulwark will be playing host to a number of visitors ranging from Senior Naval and Ministry of Defence officials to senior academics (Corbett Centre).  Also visiting the ship will be local sea cadet units and London based charities which the ship supports..

The main purpose of this visit however, is to display her breathtaking capabilities.  This exhibition will include how the military, in particular the Royal Navy, can rapidly deploy in times of need, with a wide range of assets and skills.  Demonstrations will include Command and Control aspects, military aid to civil powers, field kitchens, and medical and first-aid techniques.  It will also give the ship the opportunity to show off her hardware.  The ship will be carrying a large variety of boats, land vehicles, amphibious landing craft and helicopters.  The event will culminate in a dynamic demonstration both airborne and afloat on and over the River Thames in Greenwich.  .

HMS Bulwark’s Commanding Officer, Captain Alex Burton, said: “BULWARK is the Country’s very own Swiss Army Knife.  Totally indispensable and phenomenally versatile: she  packs a punch with our Royal Marines and delivers proven essential support to the softer Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Operations and Homeland Defence. It is extremely fortunate we have found time in the busy generation programme to demonstrate to the Capital what we can deliver. My team can’t wait to show it off – in these uncertain times we are totally focussed on our commitments to the Country’s interests and responsibilities and expect to be very busy once fully operational later this year.”.

The Secretary of State for Defence, Mr Liam Fox said:.”HMS Bulwark is a great asset that, along with HMS Albion provides the UK with impressive amphibious and command and control capability for a range of options. Ships like Bulwark play an important role in projecting UK power abroad and protecting British interests abound the world.”.

Along with her sister ship HMS ALBION, BULWARK once operational will be part of the UK’s maritime contingent capability known as the Response Force task Group (RFTG)..

The task force comprises amphibious shipping, frigate and destroyer escorts, support shipping, and the Lead Commando Group Royal Marines.

Elements of the RFTG are available to be used in a number of different scenarios around the world and are due to be deployed on Operation COUGAR in the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf. .

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