Effectiveness Questioned

BIMCO’S chief maritime security officer has criticised the industry practice of using armed security guards on vessels transiting the Indian Ocean.

Giles Noakes has also questioned statistics that proponents of the tactic produce in support of it as an effective deterrent against attack and also the value that security guards bring to shipping.

BIMCO is the world’s largest private shipping organization with 2720 members world-wide – and it is thought likely that a number of high profile members are getting increasingly uncomfortable with the fact that maritime securitycompanies are being seen as the most effective and pragmatic short-term solution to fighting pirates.

Traditionally many shipowners like to make their own decisions on what the “best” solution is, and this rather political statement could be seen as a “shot across the bows” of the security companies given the almost incessant media coverage given over to their reported successes.

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One Reply to “Effectiveness Questioned”

  1. Christopher Newman

    It is very unfortunate that armed guards on vessels are becoming an industry standard practice. Without appropriate vetting and training, armed guarding often attracts the wrong type of people who are motivated by the immunity and the glory of using arms. With distinct team training, same or even better results can be achieved by unarmed security groups using awareness, technology, orchestrated response techniques and standing operating procedures.

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