Surcharges Soar

Maersk has announced an increase in its piracy surcharge up, 40% to the surcharge as from 1 April.

The new structure is US$ 350, up from $250 per FEU (Forty-foot container unit), with the surcharge applicable on all trade between Europe, the Indian Ocean islands and East Africa.

“As a result of increased piracy, and our efforts to prevent attacks and protect our crews and cargo, we have revised our emergency risk surcharges to mitigate higher security expenses,” Maersk said in a statement.

For Middle East-East Africa trade lanes, the surcharge will go to $400 per FEU, up from $250 per FEU, and for US-East Africa services the new surcharge becomes $400 per FEU, up from $300 per FEU currently.

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