Hudson-Trident Join AVRA

In a notification released yesterdy afternoon, BIMCO announced that they and Aegis have invited the company Hudson-Trident Maritime Security Management on board the AVRA project.

The notification reads:

Dear Sirs,

Since the launch of AVRA in 2009, a number of clients have embraced the concept and now use AVRA regularly to assist their risk management processes.

Hudson-Trident will help improve AVRA

In an effort to further strengthen the AVRA product and the associated marketing and sales efforts, BIMCO and Aegis have invited the company Hudson-Trident Maritime Security Management on board the AVRA project. Hudson-Trident brings to the table a strong profile on maritime security and intelligence, as well as a professional marketing and sales organisation.

AVRA will be managed by Hudson-Trident and Aegis

Thus, from 11 April onwards, we plan for AVRA to be run through an operating company jointly owned by Aegis, Hudson-Trident and BIMCO, with Hudson-Trident and Aegis being responsible for the daily management of AVRA. But as mentioned, together with Aegis and Hudson-Trident, BIMCO will retain some ownership of AVRA.

Access to AVRA

Until further, AVRA is accessible through the BIMCO website, but sometime post 11 April the access to AVRA will happen through a different website, the details of which will be disclosed to users and trial users in due course.

Transfer of customer data is required

To enable smooth transition to the new structure it will be necessary to transfer those customer data required to maintain the AVRA customer relationship. Such data includes company names and contact details, and AVRA log-on details of users. As part of the agreement between BIMCO, Aegis and Hudson-Trident it is guaranteed, that the transferred data will be used only to run AVRA, that they will not be used for marketing purposes (other than follow up on trial users) and that they will not be passed to third parties.

Unless otherwise directed by users no later than 7 April COB, BIMCO will assume that the transfer of data is approved, and carry out the handover process.

Best regards


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