Sink Pirate Vessels

According to a recent article, the UK Government has been told that ‘even if it means hostages are killed’ pirate vessels must be sunk.

In a recent Yachting Monthly article – Pirate ships ‘must be sunk’: BBC report – it is revealed that Captains of Industry have told the UK Government that Somali mother ships must be sunk even at the risk of killing any hostages that might be onboard.

Yachting Monthly cite a BBC Radio 4 report by Tom Mangold broadcast earlier this week in which in addition to talks between members of industry and government, the reporter alluded to an ever greater rise in oil prices if Somali pirates increase their ‘strangle hold’ in the Gulf of Aden.

In his report Mangold made mention of how the estimated 2,000 Somali pirates are “hi-jacking the world’s economy” and how they are partially funded by a “pirate stock exchange” in which individuals invest and receive a dividend if the gang in which they have invested are successful in obtaining ransoms.

To read the Yachting Monthly article click here: Pirate ships ‘must be sunk’: BBC report

U.S. Navy photograph of burning vessel by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jason R. Zalasky


Peter Edwards, Saturday 16 April 2011

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