Hi-Tech Solution

A US robotics company is working to perfect a “magnetized robot” to climb up ships hulls to spy on pirates.

The ReconRobotics system would allow a vehicle to carry a “micro-robot” in a sealed compartment and spit it out in a high-risk area without exposing human handlers to danger.

A Navy SEAL could toss the robot against the hull of a ship and have it climb aboard to take surveillance without exposing the SEALs to danger.

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One Reply to “Hi-Tech Solution”

  1. James Nicoll

    Does anyone really think the pirates wont simply toss it overboard if it ever gets there?

    Even if it gets on the deck how would the micro robot get from there to inside the accomdation where the priates would most likely be?

    Frankly there is a total lack of common sense damped by the smell of easy money behind a lot of so called anti piracy counter measures

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