To The Fore

A new weapon against Somali pirates is to be unveiled next month: Golf balls.

A British firm has developed the £15,000 Buccaneer Launcher System. Dubbed the “Somali Stinger”, it is a small cannon which uses compressed air to  fire projectiles hundreds of yards across the sea.

Ships can fire a “shell” packed with golf balls which will travel up to 600 yards at up to 450mph across the sea and bombard the pirate craft.

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2 Replies to “To The Fore”

  1. Nigel Bartlett

    Interesting concept but it is just another big, heavy, awkward bit of kit (compressed air canister?)for the VPT to lug through airports.

    • Steven Jones

      Thanks for the thoughts. Not sure of the exact make-up of the kit to be carried. Ships have compressed air facilities, so perhaps they could be hooked up to this? We will try and get some word from the manufacturers for you.

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