Winning The War

According to a tabloid newspaper, the recent lull in pirate activity has nothing to do with the monsoon and everything to do with the grit of the Royal Navy.

The paper states, “Britain is winning the “cut-throat war on the high seas against modern-day pirates”.

However it is true that for first time in two years there were no successful pirate raids in a single two-month period (May and June). While this is very positive news we have to guard against complacency.

The lull in attacks and hijackings should not be used as a means to lessen either the military presence in the region or to fool companies into dropping their safeguards.

The statement made some months ago by outgoing IMO Secretary General Mr Mitropoulos, that the pirates would not be affected by the monsoon has proven wrong. This has perhaps prompted some to think that the problems are over, and that the pirates have been vanquished.

When the seas calm the pirates will come back with renewed vigour and the industry and military must be ready for a further onslaught.

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