Rolling Total

According to the latest updated 2011 Reported Maritime Security Incidents – The MSR Rolling Total currently stands at:
•         423  total number of incidents as at 31 Jul 11
•         301 incidents of piracy or attempted piracy. *
•         40 incidents of piracy & hijack of vessels.
•         81 incidents of robbery at anchorages.**
•         Total 109 incidents of robbery or attempted robbery at anchorages or berths.
•         4 Political incidents.
•         9 Acts of Terrorism.

*  This includes 10 incidents where the crew have locked themselves into a ‘citadel’
while the pirates were in board.  The pirates failed to gain control of the vessel
and abandoned the vessel usually after doing some damage.
** There have been two incidents of tankers being hijacked off Benin/Nigeria and their cargo stolen.  It is believed to be the work of a gang, possibly Nigerian.

The Rolling Totals data is provided by IMS, and verified from a range of open sources.

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