Sling Shots

A company has introduced a new sling system to dramatically improve the comfort of armed maritime securityoperatives on watch.

RAP4 has launchd the “Tactical Sling”, a new product which brings 3-point tactical sling innovation to the private and maritime security industries.

If all other security measures go well, security officers will never need to raise a rifle, shotgun, or carbine during their careers. Yet they need to stay armed, stay alert, and stay fresh throughout long patrols and guard shifts for that one moment when their skills with, and access to, their duty firearm is absolutely critical. The RAP4 Tactical Sling puts that duty long arm right where it’s needed every moment of every patrol, during every shift for years on end…and yet the sling keeps that arm just out of the way enough that security personnel can go about their other tasks while continuously armed.

The genius of this system lies in the 3-point attachment of the RAP4 Tactical Sling. First, the sling attaches to the sling stud integral at the fore end of most tactical rifles, carbines, and shotguns. Then it attaches to the stock. The third attachment point is special: that’s the interface with the wearer, where the sling loops across their shoulders and upper back to distribute the rifle’s weight evenly for all-day comfort.

The unique configuration of the three-point system allows on-the-back carry, as well as low-ready positions under your strong side arm, diagonally across your chest, in “American” and “African” carry positions, and more. With the freedom to move the muzzle on-target without adjusting the sling, you can secure the carbine to your body for hands-free carry while you work…and then bring it up to bear in a heartbeat.

The RAP4 Tactical Sling can also function as a traditional two-point sling for field expedience, and can even be used to apply stabilizing pressure to the fore end for long-range shooting under duress. The real advantages, though, come in the wealth of carry options it affords for the armed professional.

Keep your carbine, rifle, or shotgun at the ready while keeping your hands free to open gates, climb ladders, board ships, mount/dismount vehicles, carry gear, fix fences, deploy cameras…stay properly, safely armed while performing the rest of your duties!

Since most of your time will be spent doing things unrelated to your carbine, keep your hands free – and your weapon ready – with the RAP4 Tactical Sling

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2 Replies to “Sling Shots”

  1. Phil

    You guys realize that Rap4 is a paintball/airsoft manufacturer right? RAP – Real Action Paintball. Most of the policy information coming from this site is good, but please stay out of the gear & tactics arena or at least vet the story before it goes out. Any contractor using this on an operational firearm is probably going to be laughed off the boat and may very well lose his weapon to failed equipment, not to mention his company’s security contract when the shipper finds they’re using fake weapons.

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