Fire Starters

Piracy has returned with a vengeance following the end of the monsoon season, as a Greek vessel was set ablaze after an attack in the Somali Basin.

Pirates hit Cyprus Maritime’s 22,600-dwt “Pacific Express” (built 1981) and it was feared the ship had been taken, thankfully the pirates were unable to take control. However it is understood that in their frustration the pirates then set fire to the vessel.

In light of this activity it would appear the monsoon waves which have largely held pirates at bay for the past couple of months have now subsided, with worrying consequences.

There have been a number of pirate attacks in the past few days. “The weather has abated and pirates are definitely starting to go to sea again,” one source cautioned. It seems that a combination of citadels, good fortune and armed guards have kept the pirates at bay.

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