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The secret as in life is quality not quantity. A recent Hanson Wade West African Maritime Security conference in London was attended by over 120 delegates in a sensibly structured three day event.

Opened by the Acting Nigerian High Commissioner the speakers where a whose who of key players in the region.  The fact you are locked in for three days ensures that the truth will out. The real reasons are debated in an open forum. The truth about the amnesty with MEND by the man that designed it, as well as his insight as to what he may do differently.

The debate is backed up with detailed presentations that deliver the indisputable facts and figure.  There are times when emotions run high as we are talking about the security and livelihoods of many millions of people, put a risk by the few.

Hanson Wade is running Combating Piracy Week in London this week, 17-20 October. With around 150 delegates and 30 expert speakers who between them are leading and shaping the current fight against Maritime Piracy.  It may look expensive to leave the office for three days and pay the fee for the event, but you will leave having met many people directly involved in the trade. You will have met some kindred spirits and formed a balanced opinion on the reality of the situation – that allows you can make informed decisions for you crews and companies.

Maritime Security Review is following this event and through a series of short articles will try and capture the spirit and detail, for our readers who can’t attend.

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