Daily Piracy Update

NATO Daily Piracy Update
Recent Activity

On 19 December, naval forces disrupted the skiff involved in an approach in the south west region of the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC) in the vicinity of 1218N 04631E. (see Alert 248)
The events in the IRTC over the past 24 hours show that there is a low but persistent threat of piracy in the area.

Current Situation

The bad weather in the Somali Basin around the Horn of Africa has reduced pirate activity. As the weather improves, pirate activity is expected to increase.

If any incident occurs, Masters are requested to report immediately to UKMTO via telephone and provide the details of the incident. This will ensure the information is quickly provided to other ships in the area for their awareness and vigilance.

If Merchant Masters are safely able to take photographs during an attack and provide these photos as well as the details of the situation to the NATO Shipping Centre and UKMTO it would be greatly appreciated. This information will be used to assist the Counter Piracy forces’ ability in combating piracy activities

Courtesy of the  NATO Shipping Centre

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