Maritime Batmobile

The U.S. military already has an unmanned batwing and Batman-style utility belts. So it only makes sense that the defense industry would try to sell the Navy on a batboat.

Meet Ghost, the kind of boat Batman would pilot if the Dark Knight was interested in fighting pirates or the Iranian navy. At least those are the kinds of missions its developers are pitching it for. Juliet Marine Systems, Inc. says Ghost is a “high speed attack craft” useful for everything from counterpiracy in the Gulf of Aden and fighting off swarming Iranian small boats in the Strait of Hormuz, to more humdrum tasks such as resupplying far-flung oil rigs out at sea.

Danger Room tried to contact Juliet Marine Systems for further comment. But after multiple calls and a submission of written questions (ostensibly lost in a spam folder), the company said it couldn’t respond by press time.

So how exactly would Ghost fight off these foes? This week, Juliet Marine Systems announced it was in the market for a weapons ………[access full article]

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