Counter-Piracy Activities Matrix

Oceans Beyond Piracy have published an interesting and valid counter-piracy activities matrix.

The study examines a number of initiatives and maps them over the matrix according to the following criteria:

Maritime Operations: Collaboration between nations in addressing piracy through patrols at sea and increased coordination between Coast Guard and Naval forces operating in the region.

Information Sharing: Mechanisms in place for piracy- and counter-piracy- related information to be reported, exchanged, and distributed amongst governments, partners, and/or stakeholders.

Rule of Law Capacity Building: Measures being taken to build local and regional capacity to criminalize acts of piracy according to national legislature and to support development of prosecution and imprisonment facilities for pirates following their apprehension, prosecution, and conviction.

Operational Capacity Building: Support given to regional nations to build maritime law enforcement capacity, including training of coast guard personnel and provision of equipment to coast guards and naval forces to better enable them to conduct patrols and maritime surveillance, and to improve situational awareness.

Industry Self-Protection: Physical security measures as well as shared and collected information to serve as suggested protocol to shipmasters and seafarers transiting high-risk areas.


Click here to access the matrix: Counter-piracy activities matrix 

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