Judge Prolongs Incarceration

The two Italian marines appeared in court this morning in Kollam where the judge prolonged their preventative incarceration measure by a further two weeks.

Italian Marines to remain in jail for another two weeks

On the Judge’s instructions, the preventative incarceration for the marines Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone has been extended by a further 15 days. During the hearing, which lasted 15 minutes, the two marines’ lawyer, Sunil Maheshwar, requested that house arrest be granted. The judge, A.K. Gopakumar, opposed the request and ordered that the pair be kept in prison until 2 April.

The two soldiers were accompanied by the Italian Consul General of Mumbai, Giampaolo Cutillo, and by the Defence Attaché from the Italian Embassy in New Delhi, Franco Favre, as well as functionaries and officers from the Italian Navy. After the hearing the two marines were returned to the central prison in Trivandrum.

Relations between Italy and India remain tense.

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