Piracy Doubles off West Africa

According to maritime risk company AKE the number of attacks is likely to rise further, while incidents are taking place further out to sea.

Piracy doubles off West Africa

LONDON – Pirate attacks doubled off the coast of West Africa in February.

According to maritime risk company AKE there were at least eight incidents reported and while this may not appear to be a large number it is relatively high for the region, and part of a growing trend.

AKE also warned in its latest monthly piracy report that pirate tactics are becoming even more violent in the region.  Two crewmembers were killed and three abducted and held onshore over the course of February.

Rory Lamrock, AKE’s maritime specialist warns that the number of attacks is likely to rise further, while incidents are taking place further out to sea.

“Attacks are expected to increase in frequency off Nigeria and Benin in particular. Incidents should also be anticipated as far as 120 nautical miles from the Nigerian coast” according to Lamrock

“Reports suggest criminals may be hijacking local fishing vessels to launch attacks further out to sea, where naval or coast guard capacity is particularly weak”

AKE published these findings in its latest monthly piracy report. To obtain a free trial please enter your details here: http://tinyurl.com/245f9rm

For further details contact Rory Lamrock: +44 (0) 7734 793 923, rory.lamrock@akegroup.com

About AKE:

Founded in 1991 by Andrew Kain, AKE provides security, intelligence and risk-management services to insurance, shipping, engineering and energy sectors, as well as supporting NGOs and the news media in hostile environments.

www.akegroup.com and www.akegroup.com/intelligence

The report was written by the AKE Intelligence department, based in the Lloyd’s Building in London. The department provides forecasting, security information and political risk-analysis to a variety of global clients. If you would like to know more about the department and AKE’s intelligence products please send an email to intel@akegroup.com.

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