Hostages Rescued

The Danish Navy have rescused twelve hostages of Pakistani and Iranian origin. Sixteen alleged pirates were arrested after the Danish warship Absalon stopped a pirate mother-ship on Wednesday.

Pakistani hostages rescued from Somalian Pirates captivity

By Zuhaeb Nazi, AAJ NEWS

12 hostages belonging to Pakistani and Iranian origin were rescued off the Somali coast by the Danish navy here on Thursday.

In a statement issued by the Danish navy, ”Twelve hostages from Pakistan and Iran have been rescued. Sixteen alleged pirates have been arrested after the Danish warship Absalon stopped a pirate mother-ship on Wednesday.”

As per the statement of Navy representative, Michael Bill, “No one was injured in the operation, 9 of the hostage belonged to Pakistani origin whilst the remaining 3 were Iranian and were held captive for a month approximately.”

The Danish navy also found 16 Somalian pirates who were apprehended and are still within the Danish navy’s custody on Absalon. The rescued hostages submitted their testimonies clearly indicating that they had been kidnapped, they were later allowed to sail back on their freed vessel. Danish authorities are investigating whether there is a possibility to taking legal action against the alleged pirates within their jurisdiction.

A similar operation was carried out on February 17 by the Danish navy, whereby 16 Pakistani and Iranian hostages were rescued and freed, but that operation was not a great success as it resulted in 2 hostage casualties.

Source: AAJ NEWS

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