DSIT Solutions Ltd has announced that it will be exhibiting the company’s underwater security systems and other sonar and acoustic solutions at the Undersea Defence Technologies Conference and Exhibition in Alicante.

DSIT to Exhibit at the Undersea Defence Technologies Exhibition in Alicante, Spain, May 29 – 31

DSIT Solutions Ltd., a subsidiary of Acorn Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACFN), announced that it will be exhibiting the company’s underwater security systems and other sonar and acoustic solutions at the Undersea Defence Technologies (UDT) Conference and Exhibition in Alicante, Spain (May 29 – 31, 2012). The company views UDT as an important venue for reaching decision makers in fields related to undersea defense and security; and has been an exhibitor at this event for the last several years.

DSIT is pleased  to invite visitors to come by their stand, F17, to learn about the world’s leading Diver Detection Sonar system, the AquaShield™ DDS and its portable counterpart, the PointShield™ Portable DDS, and see a video clip demonstrating these systems’ operational capabilities. In addition, the company will be exhibiting information on their Full Mission Submarine Tactical Trainer, Underwater Acoustic Signal Analysis System and MAR™ Portable Acoustic Ranges.

About DSIT

DSIT develops sonar and acoustic solutions and acts as a system integrator for advanced Security and Safety Command and Control systems. The Company’s offerings are designed to provide the latest in technology and its intelligent application for the energy, commercial, defense and homeland security markets. The Company’s offerings include: PortView™ Harbor Surveillance System (HSS), AquaShield™ Diver Detection Sonar (DDS), Sonar Simulators and Trainers, MAR™ Portable Acoustic Ranges, Underwater Acoustic Signal Analysis (UASA) systems, and Sonar Upgrade Programs (SUP). For more information visit www.dsit.co.il

About Acorn Energy

Acorn Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACFN) is a holding company focused on making energy better by providing digital solutions for energy infrastructure asset management. The four businesses in which it has controlling interests improve the world’s energy infrastructure by making it: more secure – providing security solutions for underwater energy infrastructure (DSIT); more reliable – providing condition-based monitoring to critical assets on the electric grid (GridSense, OmniMetrix) and more productive and efficient – increasing oil and gas production while lowering costs through use of permanent ultra-high sensitive seismic tools that allow for a more precise picture of reservoirs (US Seismic). For more information visit: http://www.acornenergy.com.

Safe Harbor Statement

This press release includes forward-looking statements, which are subject to risks and uncertainties. There is no assurance that Acorn Energy, Inc. or its operating companies will continue to grow their respective businesses, or that any of them will meet the expectations or execute the initiatives described or referred to above. A complete discussion of the risks and uncertainties which may affect Acorn Energy’s business generally and the businesses of its subsidiaries is included in “Risk Factors” in its most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K and its 2012 First Quarter 10-Q as filed by Acorn Energy with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Dr. Brandy Ben-Yosef
Marketing & Business Development Manager
DSIT Solutions Ltd

Investor Contact:
Paul Henning
Cameron Associates



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