Indian Assistance Endorsed

India’s assistance in anti piracy operations off the coast Somalia has the endorsement and support of President Farole of Puntland

President Farole Welcomes India Assistance to Fight Piracy

Garowe, Somalia — Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole said he supports India’s assistance with anti piracy operations off the coast Somalia, Radio Garowe reports.

President Farole, who is currently in India after receiving an official invite from India’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said he supports India naval operations to fight piracy off of the coast of Puntland.

President Farole said at an event hosted by the India Council for World Affairs (ICWA) in New Delhi, that training for Puntland naval forces would strengthen Puntland’s fight against piracy. The Puntland government has successfully thwarted pirate operations on land, but has had less success on sea.

The Puntland government acknowledged that more needs to be done, “We are fighting them on the land, but we do not have support from the sea. We do not have the means to reach them in the sea,” said President Farole.

Capacity building of Puntland naval forces fighting piracy on land and off was proposed by the Puntland government. President Farole asked for support whether finances or expertise to help hamper piracy off of the coast of Somalia. But foreign presence on land in Puntland was rejected by President Farole who said that his government will not allow foreign military bases in Puntland.

President Farole stressed that more importantly what was needed to end piracy in Somalia was to build economic growth on the Somali coast that would offer youth attracted to piracy other job opportunities.

“We believe that expensive naval patrols off the coast of Somalia cannot eradicate piracy alone, as long as the world continues to neglect the domestic conditions that produce piracy,” said President Farole.

There are currently 60 Indian sailors being held hostage in Somali waters. President Farole admitted that pirates move in and out of Puntland jurisdiction but do not have bases in the autonomous region.

In March the EU issued a controversial mandate to fight against pirates on land by targeting boats, vehicles and bases on the coast. Tuesday morning EU naval forces aboard attack helicopters targeted an alleged pirate lair, 18 kms north of Harardhere.

Source: Garoweonline

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