In the run up to the 10th Maritime Reconnaissance & Surveillance event, Defence IQ have prepared an infographic focused on current maritime patrol aircraft requirements and future trends.

Maritime patrol aircraft requirements

In this infographic, Defence IQ takes a look at the current maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) requirements across the globe. It also considers in detail what future trends and requirments may be in this field over the next few years.

Maritime patrol aircraft is a vital area for military operations. Emphasising this, Lieutenant Commander Mike Ruminski, Deputy Head of Logistics, Maritime Component Command (MCC) Northwood, NATO, recently highlighted three priority demands NATO has to further enhance its counter-piracy efforts: Helicopters, Tankers (for flexibility), and Maritime Patrol Aircraft (to maintain Situational Awareness).

On the latter, Ruminski said “We can’t get enough of them.”

Click on the link below to enlarge the image. (It’s actually an interactive infographic – an intergraphic – so click on the links within the text and it will redirect you to relevant videos and articles).


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