As the United States seeks to put more focus in the Pacific, for the first time delegates from Washington were present at   the Pacific Island Leader’s Meeting (PALM).

Pacific leader’s meeting in Japan covers maritime security

Japan says it’s committed to launching a risk insurance scheme to protect Pacific island states against natural disasters.

The commitment was made during the Pacific Island Leader’s Meeting in Japan over the weekend, where Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda also pledged half a billion dollars in aid to the region over the next three years.

But the summit also focussed on maritime security for the first time…amid recent territorial disputes in the South China Sea between Japan and China.

Also for the first time, delegates from Washington were present, as the United States seeks to put more focus in the Pacific.

Australia’s Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island affairs, Richard Marles, was at the summit in Okinawa…and he spoke to Girish Sawlani.

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