Decrease in Piracy

Risk-management specialists AKE report that global pirate activity dropped to 25 attacks over the course of May. In particular, piracy decreased off the coast of Somalia.

Decrease in Pirate Activity

AKE expects incidents to be less frequent over the coming months. Weather conditions will be poor in the Indian Ocean and southern Arabia Sea amid the southern monsoon season. This is likely to last until September.
However, there will be a heightened risk of attacks around maritime chokepoints and more sheltered waters in the region. AKE therefore warns vessel operators to exercise particular caution around the southern Red Sea, the Bab al-Mandab Straits, southern Gulf of Aden and northern Arabian Sea.

Swarm attacks will also remain a possibility in these locations. Attacks increased in the northern Gulf of Oman last month, where swarm tactics were reported for the first time.

This type of incident involves large numbers of pirate skiffs attacking a single vessel at the same time. Such attacks can involve 8-10 or even more pirate vessels. While no vessels have been successfully hijacked as a result of these tactics to date, they tend to involve regular use of firearms by the assailants, raising the risk of harm to crewmembers caught up in the assault.

No vessels held by Somali pirates were released for ransom over the course of May. At least 269 crewmembers are currently being held hostage in the region. Many face detention periods of over 300 days, at a current average of 160 days. Current ransom amounts tend to be settled at approximately US$5 million.

AKE published these findings in its latest monthly piracy report. To obtain a free trial please enter your details here:

About AKE:
Founded in 1991 by Andrew Kain, AKE provides security, intelligence and risk-management services to insurance, shipping, engineering and energy sectors, as well as supporting NGOs and the news media in hostile environments.

AKE works in partnership with Gulf Agency Partners to help protect ships, cargoes and crew from the threat of piracy and kidnapping. GAC is the world’s leading provider of global Shipping, Logistics and Marine services.

GAC Protective Solutions, powered by AKE uses non-lethal anti-piracy techniques, which include onboard crew training, pre-voyage preparation, defensive deck configurations, management training and access to intelligence on security threats and pirate activity.

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