E-navigation Company NAVTOR introduce a smart and totally new way to distribute and update ENCs, a relief for all mariners used to the traditional way of handling stacks of CDs shipped by ordinary mail.

NAVTOR launch NavSync and improves the ENC distribution

The introduction of NavSync comes just some months after NAVTOR launched its ground-breaking “Pay As You Sail” DNV-approved NAVTOR ENC Service, giving ships’ navigators instant access to ENCs through a subscription-based model. The PAYS service creates an easy, and cost effective, solution for the complicated task of managing Electronic Navigation Charts (ENCs).The service allowing automatic licensing, a great benefit for the navigator that doesn’t need to worry about planning a route and ordering ENCs and managing permits.

“With the NavSync we are now able to offer the vessel a far better and far more cost-effectively way to receive and update the ENC portfolio onboard. When a new subscriber signs up to our service, we distribute the ENCs on the NAVTOR NavSync USB compatible device. By using the USB port on the ECDIS the ENCs are installed easily in one operation without feeding different CDs. Updates can easily be downloaded to the NavSync via internet on a computer onboard. After having downloaded the latest version of the ENC updates, the NavSync program offers a print function to produce a report for Port State or vetting control verifying that the vessel is equipped with the latest ENCs. ” says Sales Manager Børge Hetland, and concludes; “The NAVTOR NavSync has made CD distribution a time of the past for those vessels with an ECDIS outfitted with a USB port.”

NAVTOR marketing manager Willy Zeiler says; “With the launch of NavSync we have moved another step forward towards our final goal being able to offer a seamless ENC service. However it is important to acknowledge the constraints in the market bearing in mind that the great majority of the ECDIS systems in operation have not direct online connection. Therefore NavSync is a way to come around the problem. In addition we must accept the fact that some ECDIS systems in operation are old outdated models and not tailored for new modern technology. Hence we have commenced a development program in connection with the major ECDIS manufacturers to jointly implement technology developed by NAVTOR for the future of ENC handling. It is a comprehensive program managed by some of the best skilled and experienced persons in the industry. And experience and know-how is most important bearing in mind that it is only five years until the ECDIS mandate is fully implemented; the deadline is short to rollout technology that will enhance the use of ENC and ECDIS.

Source: Navtor

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