Certificate in Maritime Security

One of Maritime Security Review’s main aims it to ensure that our readers are well educated about the current issues and trends in the maritime domain.  With this in mind we are delighted to draw your attention to the following from Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, which is currently taking applications for it’s Certificate in Maritime Security course starting 4th December.


Education Helps Protect Shipping and Reduce Maritime Security Risks

The Certificate in Maritime Security has opened for enrolment at Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, a leading provider of training for the maritime industry. It’s a 12-week course which provides the tools needed to minimise security risks in the maritime sector. The programme – totally delivered by distance learning – starts on 4th December 2012 and is currently enrolling at Lloyd’s Maritime Academy (website: www.lloydsmaritimeacademy.com/FLP2255MSR)

International shipping faces a constantly evolving array of security threats. Piracy darkens the headlines all too frequently, and the dangers of terrorism continue unabated. The identification, management and mitigation of these threats – amongst many others – are critical to the success of businesses and welfare of personnel across the maritime sector.

The Certificate in Maritime Security delivers the knowledge and skills needed to minimise security risks in the shipping context. It gives clear explanations of the codes, regulations and laws surrounding maritime security, allowing shipping companies to go beyond compliance to implement effective systems and plans. It highlights the responsibilities of key roles such as Company and Ship Security Officers (CSOs and SSOs).

Special attention is given to the threats of piracy and terrorism, with detailed analysis and recent case studies highlighting key causes and trends. An appraisal of threat assessment and mitigation techniques will help operators choose the best strategies, providers and equipment for the most appropriate prevention and protection measures. Finally, practical guidance is given in dealing with security breaches and crises, showing how to minimise their human and financial impact.

“Of course even with the best security plans and systems in place,” says the Course Director Bob Reeve, “individuals and organisations need to be prepared to deal with incidents, with practical guidelines on dealing with emergencies and their aftermath.”

Distance learning delivery blends downloadable materials, expert tutorial support and peer interaction via a dedicated online forum to develop a current and thorough understanding of the key threats facing maritime operations – and the best strategies to counter them – for students across the globe.

“Given the growing array of risks facing shipping today,” adds Mr. Reeve, “the biggest threat to maritime operations is a lack of informed preparation. This programme addresses that need in a unique and accessible way.”

The Certificate in Maritime Security joins the many distance learning courses currently enrolling at Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, which can be found at www.lloydsmaritimeacademy.com


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