First Friendly Approach

EU Naval Force Romanian frigate ROS Regele Ferdinand Conducts Friendly Approach to a Merchant Vessel

On Sunday 7 October Romanian EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) frigate ROS Regele Ferdinand, completed her first “friendly approach” to a vessel just off the Somali Coast.

ROS Regele Ferdinand joined EU NAVFOR on 1 October 2012, becoming the first Romanian warship to take part in the EU Naval Force Operation Atalanta combating piracy off the coast of Somalia.

Friendly approaches/boarding are conducted to gather intelligence by speaking with the fishing communities and trading vessels in the area of operations, and to help make masters and crews aware of Best Management Practices (BMP) for protection against pirates in the region.

Captain Tudorel Duta, Pilot Commander of the Romanian warship, said “It was a mission in which the entire crew was involved. This was our first friendly approach we have conducted and the ship’s company worked well together and the mission was a success.”

A boarding team member said: “There were no problems. We explained to the merchantmen the importance of protecting themselves and the objectives of the Operation Atalanta. The Romanian frigate continues her counter piracy patrols off the Horn of Africa.

Article courtesy of EUNAVFOR.

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