Peace and Security

Implementing Peace And Security Architecture In Southern Africa

To preserve Southern Africa’s relative peace in the face of rising challenges and threats, Southern African Development Community (SADC) member states must collectively reinforce its peace and security architecture.

Implementing Peace and Security Architecture (II): Southern Africa, the latest International Crisis Group report, examines the weaknesses that hinder SADC from effectively dealing with rising threats to regional peace and security, including maritime security and piracy and socio-economic unrest. The reluctance of its member states to cede greater authority to a centralised structure and the lack of capacity of its Secretariat compromise the potential success of its endeavours.

“SADC member states have shown more willingness for economic than political integration”, says Trevor Maisiri, Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for Southern Africa. “But regional security cooperation requires genuine commitment to harmonise national policies at the regional level”.

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Article courtesy of Eurasia Review.


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