Puntland ‘Seizes Arms From Yemen’

Bossaso — Security forces in Somalia’s Puntland autonomous region have seized a depot of arms and bomb material along the country’s northern coastline, in another sign that Al Qaeda militants across the water in Yemen are working closely with militants in Somalia, Garowe Online reports.

Mr. Abdisamad Mohamed Gallan, Governor of Bari region in Puntland State of Somalia

Mr. Abdisamad Mohamed Gallan, the governor of Bari province in Puntland State, told the BBC Somali Service during a Friday morning interview that local communities tipped off Puntland authorities.

“Local communities contacted us and we acted immediately by sending Puntland government forces including the Puntland Maritime Police Force accompanied by state officials to Qandala and seize the arms and other materials,” said Governor Gallan.

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Article courtesy of All Africa.

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