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Coast Guard will enforce a security zone on Potomac and Anacostia Rivers for upcoming presidential inauguration.

The Coast Guard does not yet know whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will be addressing the throngs who will show up at the presidential inauguration on January 20, 2013, but it does know that in either case it plans to establish a temporary security zone on the nearby Potomac and Anacostia Rivers to prevent what it calls the “catastrophic impact” that could result from a terrorist attack.

In fact, the Coast Guard will establish that security zone for a total of nine days — beginning at 8:00 am on Jan. 15 and running through 10:00 pm on Jan. 24 — to safeguard the crowds who will participate at the inaugural ceremonies, balls, parades and receptions in the District of Columbia during that period.

The security zone will “prevent vessels or persons from bypassing the security established on shore for the events and engaging in waterborne terrorist actions during the highly-publicized events,” said the Coast Guard in a Federal Register announcement published on Oct. 24.

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Article written by Jacob Goodwin, courtesy of GSN Magazine.

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