Shock in Store at Intermanager AGM

The forthcoming Intermanager AGM in Copenhagen will be treated to a mixture of sexual demons, graphic violence and explosive action……but all in a book whose sales profits will benefit global maritime charity The Mission To Seafarers and the Save Our Seafarers campaign.


A fatal hi-jack, an agonizing suicide, lawless Somali pirates and a complex, multi-billion dollar cyber fraud take centre stage at this year’s InterManager Annual General Meeting, being held in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 11.

Don’t worry, the InterManager membership hasn’t gone wild – the action all takes place in a thrilling new novel due to be launched during the AGM meeting. Attendees will get a first glimpse of ‘Payload’, the gripping debut book by maritime marketing expert K D Adamson, who is a consultant for Stark Moore Macmillan, an InterManager associate member company.

The AGM is in for a thrill: the new book promises explosive action, a twisting plot and graphic violence together with an irresistible cast of characters and locations. Payload’s hero is Australian former Navy special forces officer turned investigator, Drew Rydstrom, who battles the shadowy “Puppet Masters” as well as his unruly team and his own sexual demons, accompanied by a beautiful-yet-smart rookie assistant risking her life on her first investigative case.

InterManager outgoing President Alastair Evitt, whose two-year term of office concludes at this year’s AGM, gets in on the action too – he has written the foreword to Payload. Sales of the book, the first in a series, will benefit global maritime charity The Mission To Seafarers as well as helping to raise awareness of the Save Our Seafarers campaign which Alastair chairs.

Alastair Evitt said: “This new book is very exciting and will add an interesting dimension to our meeting as well as raising money for a worthy maritime cause.”

Martin Sandford, Acting Secretary General of The Mission To Seafarers, added: “This action thriller contains some key themes that highlight the real dangers seafarers face across the globe including Somali piracy, harsh conditions and having to suffer long periods of isolation. The Mission works in over 260 ports around the world offering essential support and trauma counselling services to seafarers of all faiths. We recommend this book to InterManager members and would like to thank Kate for the contribution she has made to improve the lives of the 1.3 million seafarers at home and abroad.”

The InterManager AGM takes place at the Copenhagen premises of Codan, an InterManager member company. The members-only Annual General Meeting runs from 9.15am to 11.15am. This is followed by an afternoon seminar which will consider “Quality Ship Management: Sea staff – cost, investment or waste?”

The seminar is open to anyone from within the shipping community. To reserve a place please contact InterManager Secretary General Kuba Szymanski on email: or tel: +44 7624 498 266.

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