Software Key to Security?

An Aberdeen company has launched a new software product designed to help protect ships from piracy.

Last year, piracy was estimated to cost £4.46bn in increased security measures and ransom payments but a new product by Marine MTS could make life at sea much safer.

Their product, called Sentinel, tracks user vessels remotely and along with helping the user plot a safe route through problem areas, the software will automatically alert emergency or military services should something unusual happen onboard. The new software will, for the first time, allow ships to be precision tracked from anywhere in the world using specially developed technology called Loc8.

The firm says that all buyers will be vetted prior to having the product supplied to ensure that the technology stays on the “right side”.

Combining weather information and detailed security data, the software will allow the user to plot the optimum route to take to minimise the piracy threat. It can monitor any other vessels in the surrounding area, including their real time movements, with resulting data able to be viewed on land, at a head office or emergency response centre.

Any deviation in planned course or speed would automatically spark an alert to nominated security forces.

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Article courtesy of STV.

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