Canadian ship at Shuwaikh port

KUWAIT: The Canadian Ambassador to Kuwait, Douglas George, held a reception on board Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Regina at the Shuwaikh Port, which is visiting Kuwait from Nov 20 to 22. He welcomed the guests including the Minister of International and Intergovernmental Relations, Cal Dallas, and his team from Alberta, the Vice President of the CCC, Canadian Commercial Corporation, Martin Zablocki, Commander Jason Boyd, the Commanding Officer, as also Regina. “It is a great honor for me to host this special reception on board Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Regina which is visiting Kuwait to say thank you to its government and people for their great efforts in supporting the Canadian forces.

The Canadian Navy remembers with pride its role in the coalition that liberated Kuwait,” he pointed out. He underscored the importance Canada accords to the close relations with Kuwait. “We are ready to work together with the Kuwaiti Government and people to further strengthen our political trust, enhance our bilateral exchanges, and promote our mutually beneficial cooperation in all fields. I firmly believe that our friendship and cooperation will surely enjoy a brighter future,” George said. On his part, Commanding Officer Jason Boyd said that the men and women of the Royal Canadian Navy have a shared history of sailing in these waters over the last two decades. “First, a task group of Canadian ship was amongst the coalition allies that aided in the liberation of Kuwait. Later, in the years since Sept 11, warships from Canada have regularly sailed in these waters as part of the international coalition against terrorism.

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Article written by Nawara Fattahova, courtesy of Kuwait Times.

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