Colombia Considers Withdrawing from Bogotá Pact Signed at the UN

Bogota, Nov 22 (Prensa Latina) The Colombian government is considering withdrawing from the Bogotá Pact, signed in 1948 and ratified 20 years later, recognizing the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

In force since March 1949 and registered at the UN a week later, the international treaty requires its signatories resolve their disputes by peaceful means and exhaust regional mechanisms for resolving issues before turning to the United Nations Security Council.

The announcement was made by the Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin, after stating that the action is in response to the ruling by the highest judicial organ of the United Nations, which ratified the South American country’s sovereignty over the archipelago of San Andres and defined maritime borders with Nicaragua to the detriment of Colombia, she said.

Analysts said the withdrawal from the Covenant does not imply the cancellation of the ruling or a decline in Colombia’s foreign policy.

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Article courtesy of Prensa Latina.

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