Awaiting Sanction

Following the terrorist attacks  by sea four years ago on Mumbai, 22 fully trained constables are still awaiting approval to begin patrolling the coastal shores.

22 constables await sanction to patrol city shores

Even four years after a group of terrorists travelled by sea and entered the city, authorities seem to be lacking the will to put the patrolling of the harbour in place.

Twenty-two constables, who have undergone training to patrol the seas and have also cleared Maharashtra Maritime Board (MMB) exams, are awaiting clearance from the commissioner’s officer for taking up their new jobs.

Sources in the Port Zone, which is vested with the coastal security up to 12 nautical miles on the eastern and the western city shore, said not much had changed following the 26/11 terror attacks.

While there is requirement of around 140 captains and drivers for patrolling the shores, only 32 are available. And while 23 boats are required for the same purpose, only 10 are available, of which five are in running condition.

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Source: Hindustan Times.

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