Cape Verde Licence PMSCs

SeaMarshals Gains First Licence As Cape Verde Leads Fight Against West African Piracy.

In a move designed to thwart the escalating piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, the Government of Cape Verde has granted a licence to Cape Verde Maritime Security Services (CVMSS) allowing the company exclusive rights to vet Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) who want to use the island as a base for embarking and disembarking armed security teams.

And UK-headquartered SeaMarshals Ltd is the first company to be granted a permit to use Cape Verde as its base for security operations in the West Africa region.
On behalf of the Cape Verde Government, CVMSS will undertake checks to ensure PMSCs comply with agreed minimum standards in accordance with both local and international laws and regulations. These standards will include training, support and insurance levels.

SeaMarshals Chief Executive Thomas Jakobsson this week received the coveted first permit from the government of Cape Verde, issued by the Coast Guard. He said: “SeaMarshals has set the benchmark for private maritime security companies operating in this area. We have been able to use our many years of successfully operating off the East Coast of Africa, tackling Somali-led piracy and supplying first-class armed personnel.

“SeaMarshals has long been at the forefront of our industry in complying with new laws and regulations, as well as working closely with other agencies and governments as an advisor on security-related matters. We are pleased to now be working with the Cape Verde authorities to ensure safe and effective measures are taken in keeping the seas off West Africa safe for the maritime industry,” he said.

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2 Replies to “Cape Verde Licence PMSCs”

  1. Jim

    Sounds odd to me! Given that Mr.Jakobseen is also actually a registered director of Cape Verde Maritime Security Services and as David rightly points out Cape Verde is indeed on the B list. This can only mean that if there is a shread of truth in this announcement that the way in which this company will operate will be highly irregular and I am guessing not very compliant!!

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