Gaza Fishing Zone Confrontation

IDF Wounds, then Treats, Gaza Arab Outside Fishing Zone.

The Navy shot and wounded a Gaza Arab who refused orders to keep his fishing boat from entering waters under a maritime embargo.

Israeli naval forces shot and wounded Gaza Arab in waters off the northern Gaza coast on Monday after he refused to keep his fishing boat from entering waters under a maritime embargo, which allows fishing up to six nautical miles from the coast.

The wounded man was taken to Israel’s Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon for treatment.

As part of the ceasefire agreement that ended the Pillar of Defense counterterrorist operation against Hamas missile fire, Israel agreed to double the width of the fishing zone, which had been three nautical miles.

The embargo has been in place to prevent the smuggling of terrorists and weapons into Gaza.

Gaza fishermen’s union leader Nizar Aayesh claimed to AFP the boat “was within the six nautical mile limit, but the Israeli vessels took the boat and whoever was on it and we are waiting for the fisherman to come back to know more details.”

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Source: Written by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, Israel National News.

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