EUNAVFOR Meets Djibouti’s Chiefs

Force Commander of EU Naval Force Meets Djiboutian Chief Of The Navy And Chief Of The Coast Guard.

During the morning of the 26 of December, after more than two weeks at sea on board his flagship, Force Commander of the EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Somalia – Operation Atalanta, Rear Admiral Pedro García de Paredes, had a meeting with both the Djiboutian Chief of the Navy and the Chief of the Coast Guard.

During these visits, Rear Admiral García de Paredes continues to build on the good relations and co-operation between both the Djiboutian Navy and Coast Guard and EU NAVFOR. He could also see the training programmes they are undertaking as well as the capabilities they are building ashore and at sea.

Speaking about these meetings in Djibouti, Rear Admiral García de Paredes said: “The co-operation between the Djiboutian authorities and the EU Naval Force has been paramount to the fight against piracy and to build better capacities in the area. EU NAVFOR units are glad to contribute to the training of both the Djiboutian Navy and Coast Guard, and I am delighted to have seen today a well-trained Djiboutian Navy and Coast Guard which have certainly improved their capacities to keep seas safer for seafarers. EU NAVFOR is committed to continue with this cooperation”.

 Source: EUNAVFOR.

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