Experts at Oil & Gas Security Summit

Experts from CPNI, United Nations and GDF Suez Algerie are to present at the 2nd Oil & Gas Security Summit, from 12th-13th June, London.

IRN is pleased to announce that Chris Phillips, Former Head of National Counter Terrorism Security Office at CPNI (part of MI5) and John Steed, Chief of Maritime Security and Counter Piracy of United Nations Political Office for Somalia will be joining the Oil & Gas Security 2013 Summit. Mr Phillips will provide attendees with an exclusive insight on tried and tested methods to reduce insider threats to an organisation or company along with practical guidelines on successfully building a security culture within a company. Having been the head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office until recently and with thirty years’ experience in both major public order and community based policing, his presentation will bring a unique and highly insightful perspective to the meeting providing delegates with real food for thought when forming security strategies.

This month officially marks one year since there has been a successful hijacking of a ship passing through the Gulf of Aden by Somali pirates, and John Steed, Chief of Maritime Security and Counter Piracy of United Nations Political Office for Somalia will give an overview of the reasons for the resounding success of the counter-piracy tactics deployed.

A comprehensive view of the security situation in Algeria in light of the recent incidences will be provided by Mustapha Harkouk of GDF Suez Algerie who will also elaborate on the regulations impacting upon the oil and gas industry in the region presently. Mr. Harkouk will also address the consequences of the recent war in Mali on the North of the country, which throws up a number of security concerns to oil companies operating in the region. Delegates will also benefit from a complete rundown of the new measures in place in light of the Tinguentourine terrorist attack.

For more information and any inquiries please get in contact with IRN at, +44 (0) 20 7111 1615 or visit the event website

IRN, the global summits organiser behind this project will be finalising the registrations in the next couple of weeks

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