Mystery Threat

In a January, “a newly discovered threat” prompted the U.S. Department of Defense to use grave language to justify $65 million procurement to protect ships.

What Mystery Threat Has the U.S. Navy So Nervous?

A new threat prompts a crash development of defenses for U.S. Navy ships.

The Department of Defense produces reams of procurement documents, and the vast majority of them are mind-numbingly dull. And then there is Justification and Approval document No. 1312, which the Navy quietly issued in January.

This request, the kind of document the Pentagon generates to seek permission to award a contract without competition, seeks an electronic warfare system that can protect ships from “a newly discovered threat.” The document uses very grave language to justify the $65 million procurement, citing a “need to provide a protective capability to naval ships and their crews in a critically short time frame.” The first units would be installed on ships by March 2014.

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Source: Popular Mechanics.

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