Task force commander meets key figures

The UK Royal Navy Commander of CTF 151 has met with senior civil, military and European Union figures in Djibouti to discuss their continued cooperation.

Counter piracy task force commander meets key Djibouti and EU figures

The UK Royal Navy Commander of the counter piracy Combined Task Force (CTF) 151 has met with senior civil, military and European Union figures in Djibouti to discuss continued cooperation between Djibouti and the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF).

Commodore Jeremy Blunden, Royal Navy, Commander CTF 150, first met with Mr Yacin Houssein Douale, Djiboutian Director of Bilateral Relations, Colonel Abdourahmane Aden Cher, Commander of the Djiboutian Naval Force, and Lieutenant Colonel Wais O.Bogoreh, Commander of the Djibouti Coast Guard. Discussions focused on the current situation in the fight against piracy and how CMF units can best assist Djibouti forces to tackle maritime security threats.

CMF has enjoyed close links for some time with Djibouti, an important regional partner in the fight against piracy and maritime security threats. The meetings took place during a Djibouti port visit by the CTF 151 flagship, Royal Fleet Auxiliary Fort Victoria.

Commodore Blunden said: “The international naval forces operating under CMF already exercise regularly with Djibouti. Together we can help Djibouti develop the capabilities it needs to have strong, persistent control over Djibouti’s territorial waters and economic zone.”

Commodore Blunden also met with Ambassador Etienne de Poncins, Head of the European Union’s Capacity Building mission, EUCAP Nestor. The pair shared views on how to advance the shore-side training of Djibouti’s Navy and Coastguard, which several organisations are working to enhance.

“By working in a coordinated manner the international community can achieve real results in assisting Djibouti to develop their Navy and Coast Guard,” Commodore Blunden said.

CTF 151 is responsible for deterring and disrupting piracy and for helping to build maritime capacity amongst affected nations to fight maritime crime. The task force is part of CMF, a professional, multinational naval partnership comprising 29 nations who focus on maritime security operations and work together to deny the use of the seas for piracy or other illegal activity.

Source: Combined Maritime Forces.

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