ReCAAP issues missing tanker alert

ReCAAP has issued an alert concerning the Orapin 4. 

ReCAAP issues missing tanker alert

ReCAAP has alerted the maritime community today, warning that the owners of Thai-registered product tanker, Orapin 4, have lost contact with the vessel.

The Orapin 4 left Singapore bound for Pontianak, Indonesia, carrying 3,377 metric tonnes of diesel fuel (ADF). The ship was due to arrive in port on May 29th, at around 1300 hours local time. On May 28th, the owners tried to contact the ship via email but received no reply, nor did the tanker arrive at port as expected.

The last known position of the Orapin 4 was on May 27th at 1730 hours local time, approximately 3.64nm north of Pulau Batam, Indonesia. The ship has a crew of 14 Thai nationals on board and ReCAAP requests that all vessels in the area keep a look out for her.

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