Atalanta – the deterrent effect

A two part article examining EU NAVFOR’s Operation Atalanta from a German perspective.

Atalanta – the deterrent effect is visible

A welcome development, but not yet clear. The shipping office of the International Chamber of Commerce announced on April 24 that piracy had reached on the high seas in the first quarter of 2014 to their lowest in comparison to previous periods since 2007. 

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Extract from part two:

The Bundestag extended to May 22, with a large majority, the mandate for the participation of German soldiers in the mission Atalanta. In the future, a maximum of 1200 Bundeswehr members may be seconded to this application – approximately 370 are currently taking part in the mission in the Indian Ocean, there to secure the important for world trade by sea. The roll-call vote in Parliament was preceded by a lively debate, which was the subject of the first part of our contribution.

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